Do you love watching birds? Then you must visit Thattekad bird sanctuary, which is located in Ernakulam, Kerala. This is a sanctuary that covers only 25 square km of area that serves so many astonishing sightseeing options. This is called as the richest bird habitat of Indian Peninsula, the best Ornithologist, Salim Ali. This is the first bird sanctuary in Kerala that is located on the low branches of the river Periyar. It is 32 to 523 meters above the sea level. The climate is generally tropical, and plays a vital role in attracting the migrating birds. The average rainfall of this region is 3000 mm. The place receives rain during the month of May and extends up to July. When you are planning to visit the park, avoid these months, as the entire place cannot be accessible. Otherwise the climate is pleasant throughout the year. The climatic condition is one of the major reasons, why the rarest birds of India are found here.

This sanctuary for birds was established in 1983 and has more than 300 species of birds visiting here. This includes the water birds too. There are also resident and migrating birds here. In the year of 1985, a study was conducted by the Bombay Natural History society and it was found that the place had 253 species of birds; visiting, migrating and residential birds are put together.

Visitors can find the Indian Pitta which spends half a year in this sanctuary. Other birds found here are Orange headed thrush, yellow browed bulbuls, large billed leaf warbler, oriental darter, cormorants, pompadour green pigeon, Indian cuckoo, collared scops owl, whiskered terns, and Jerdon’s nightjar. The birds which are very rare to spot like the bee eater, black winged kite, sun bird, crimson throated barbet, and night heron can be seen here often. Indian roller cuckoo, grey drongo, Malabar trogon, large pied wagtail, grey jungle fowl, crow pheasant, jungle babbler, are few of the common birds that can be caught a glimpse of.

Best Time to Visit Thattekad Bird Sanctuary :

Do not visit the place during the months May to July as the monsoon makes this place inaccessible and you will enjoy nothing. The period of migration for most birds from Himalayas and other foreign regions is November to February. The climate of Kerala is also pleasant during this time. So, you can plan to visit this sanctuary around this time. The sanctuary is open from 6 A.M. to 6 P.M. and it takes around 4 to 5 hours to complete the visit to this sanctuary.

Visiting this place during the day time is highly recommended. You can imagine the presence of insects, and if you can finish off by late noon. You would surely enjoy your visit without any hassles.

Entry Fees:

Entry Fees
Person RS. 10
Children (Below 12 Years) RS. 05
Foreign TouristRS. 115
CameraRS. 20
Video CameraRS. 150

How To Reach :

Reaching via road from Kothamangalam is an easy option to reach Thattekad. This is 13 km away from Kothamangalam, via Chelad. The closest railway station is in Aluva which is 48 km far from this sanctuary. The closest airport is the Kochi international airport, which is 44 km from Cochin, and 71 Km from the sanctuary.

Things or Activities To Do in Thattekad Bird Sanctuary :

You can enjoy bird watching here a lot. To get the glimpse of the rarely found birds, you need to take the ride on the elephant back. There are trained elephant mahouts, who would accompany you. From the altitude of the elephant’s back, you can see lots of peculiar birds here. You can also take jeeps from here.

Nearest Hotels in Thattekad:

There is an IB with 6 beds dormitory for Rs. 50, and the bird watch tower is what you need to try. This is a three storied tower, which offers perfect view of the birds. There are also many homestays for cheaper prices. The expensive tent options too can be said as a good staying alternative. They are located on the southern side of the river.

Thattekad bird sanctuary has a dense forest of evergreen and deciduous forests of grassland patches. The sanctuary has picturesque landscapes, and this is the best place for those who want to feel the true essence of nature. The plantations here include teak, rosewood, mahogany, and there are also lots of flowers found here. A few animals too can be found here occasionally, which include elephants, porcupine, bear, leopard, and cobra. So all bird lovers pack your bags and enjoy the beauty of this charming sanctuary of Kerala.

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