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Type of Houseboat

There are different types of houseboats available depend upon the demand of the guests. There are small and big houseboats. In most of the small houseboats have only one room. But there are houseboats which have 2 bed room, 3 bed room and upto 6 bed room houseboats are available. 4, 5 & 6 bed room houseboats are very limited in numbers.

Upper Deck or Top Floor houseboats – Upper deck is an elevated platform constructed on the top of a boat to make good view from the boat. Most of these kinds of boats have either two or more rooms in the boat. The main advantage of an upper deck boat is that one can have a good view from the top floor. The upper deck has seating arrangements and in some boats a good sun deck also. But this is idle after the sun set due to insects and mosquitos.

Since 2010, due to security reasons, Govt have stopped issuing license to upper deck boats. All the upper deck boats are minimum 4hrs old.

Conference & Meeting Houseboats – There are couple of big houseboats available with full upper deck with complete glass covered which can provide full time ac. These houseboats can accommodate approx 100 adults for a theater style meeting or conference. All basic arrangements for the conference will be arranged by the coordinator.

Dormitory Houseboat for the Budget Groups – Kumarakom based one of the houseboat which have 6 rooms and full glass covered upper deck operate as dormitory for the groups. Maximum 25 people can be comfortably accommodated in the boat. 6 rooms with attached bathroom can accommodate 12 adults and 13 adults on the top floor with mattress. Total washroom available in this houseboat is 06.

Houseboat Tariff

Houseboat have three different tariff followed by the houseboat operators depend on season, high season and off-season.

  • Season – 01 Oct to 15 Dec and 15 Jan to 31 Mar.
  • High Season – 15 Dec to 15 Jan
  • Low season – 01 Apr to 30 Sep

The tariff of the houseboat is always floating depend upon demand and availability. Festival season, weekends or any day where people get 3 or 4 days continue leave, houseboat is a most sought after destination.

There are also agents in Aleppey and Kumarakom who foresee these festival seasons or weekend dates and they block the houseboat. This is being further given to guests who reach Aleppey or Kumarakom without any prior booking and those looking for a houseboat. In this circumstance, the above prices will not be available and some time one need to pay 50% more on the usual prices.

Houseboat Packages

Applicable Period : 01 Apr to 30 Sep

1 Bed Room (2 Adults)RS 7,000RS 8,000RS 12,000
2 Bed Room (4 Adults)RS 9,000RS 11,000RS 16,500
3 Bed Room (6 Adults)RS 14,000RS 16,000RS 20,500

Applicable Period : 01 Oct to 19 Dec

1 Bed Room (2 Adults)RS 8,000RS 9,000RS 14,000
2 Bed Room (4 Adults)RS 10,500RS 12,500RS 24,000
3 Bed Room (6 Adults)RS 15,000RS 18,000RS 36,500

Cruise sector : Kumarakom-Aleppey-Kumarakom
Rs 1000 extra . For Premium
Rs. 2000 extra. Day Cruise In Houseboat

Child Charges

  • Upto 6yrs No charges.
  • 6 – 9 Yrs : Rs 750 without extra bed.
  • 10 and above : Rs 1000 with extra bed. Extra bed for premium houseboat – Rs 2500


09:30 Hrs to 13:00 Hrs
(strictly time specified)
5 Hrs day cruise anytime from 10:00 Hrs
1 Bed Room Dlx Non AC Up to 8/9 AdultsBoat Charges Rs 4,500
Lunch Charges @ Rs 400 per person
Boat Charges Rs 6,000
Lunch Charges @ Rs 400 per person.
  • Cruise time from 12:00 Hrs to 17:30 Hrs with 1 hr lunch break. Next day 08:00 Hrs to 09:00 Hrs.
  • Welcome drink, Lunch, evening coffee / tea and snacks, Dinner and Next day breakfast & Mineral water included.
  • Deluxe and Luxury Houseboat – AC working time 21:00 Hrs to 07:00 Hrs.
  • Premium – 24hrs ac

Common Fixed Menu in Houseboat

Menu Details Premium Booking- 22 Hrs stay

Welcome Drink – Tender Coconut

Fruit Juice / Coco flakes with Hot Milk.Plain RiceCoffee / TeaTomato Soup / Corn Soup / Chicken Soup
Tea or Coffee.ChappattiBanana Fritters / Gopi pakoda / Spring roles/Plain Rice / White Rice / Veg Pulao / Veg Fried Rice
4 boiled eggs or Bulls eye or OmeletFish Fry Chappatti / Phulka
Puttu and Kadala Curry / Appam and Veg Stew / Idiyappak and Veg Stew
Dosa or Idly with Sambar and Coconut Chutney.
Chicken Curry Dal Makhani
 Yellow Dal Fry Kerala Fish Curry / Fish kerala Mappas (with coconut milk).
 Prowns fry (available in Jun to Oct only) Chicken Kurma / Chicken Chettinadu – spicy
 Thoran and Mezukupuratti Desert – Gulab Jamun / Kala Jamun / Fruit Clustered
 Green Salad For Vegetarians – Mix Veg Curma, Gopi Manjurian,
 Pappad and Pickles  
 Desert – Payasam / Fruit salad.  

Menu Details Deluxe and Luxury Houseboat Booking : 22 Hrs stay

Welcome Drink – Tender Coconut / Tang / Lemon Juice

Tea or Coffee.Plain RiceCoffee / TeaPlain Rice / White Rice / Veg Pulao / Veg Fried Rice
Puttu and Kadala Curry / Appam and Veg Stew / Idiyappak and Veg Stew
Dosa or Idly with Sambar and Coconut Chutney.
Yellow Dal FryBanana Fritters / Gopi pakodaChappatti / Phulka
 Thoran and Mezukupuratti Dal Makhani
 Green Salad Veg Curma
 Pappad and Pickles Veg Salad
 Chappaatti – On Request Pickle, pappad etc
 Non Veg – Fish Fry Non Veg – Chicken curry
 For Vegetarians – Muttor Paneer, Sambar, Avial  

General Complaints or Basic Problems in Houseboats

General problems faced by the guests in houseboat have narrated below.

  • Mosquito – The menace of mosquito and insects in the backwaters is a reality. All backwaters are surrounded by water and after sun set one can always expect mosquito in and around the place.
  • Cruise route – Some time the boat does not make a cruise as per the itinerary. Ensure that you have an itinerary and ask the boat man to drive as per the itinerary mutually agreed during the time of booking.
  • Lunch break- All the houseboats are allowed to have a 1hr lunch break. But this is not being followed and some boats used to stop for more than 2hrs. If it happens, ensure that you placed a complaint with the travel agent you booked.
  • Another problem usually raised is the night halting area. All the houseboats have their own places for parking. In some places the area may not be hygienic, dirty smell etc are reported.
  • It is a fact that 65% of houseboat owners are single boat owners who are all local and doing this for a living. Due to this reason following problems by the guests are also reported.
  • Quality is not maintained.
  • Unhygienic staff
  • Not properly maintained rooms, wash room etc.
  • Saline water used in the houseboat.
  • No activity after sun set. Boring after the boat stops at 1730hrs.
  • No dish TV connection in boat.

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