6 Unique Travel Gift Ideas for The Passionate Travellers

Whenever we decide to gift something to a friend, we generally try and research about their likes and dislikes. If this friend is a travel freak then we need to consider a special gift for him/her. Therefore on special occasion of such friends, you must gift them something other than a general gift that is usual for birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions. So if you have a traveler friend who is to leave for a journey then there are some inexpensive yet interesting gifts that you can pick out for them. These travel gifts would not be heavy on your pocket and would ensure your friend loves them.

It is important to ensure that your travel gifts are portable and your friend could easily carry them around. The more convenient and comfortable travel gifts are for your friends, the better. The right travel gift can be extremely useful for your friend and a way for him/her to remember you during his/her trip. Following are some brilliant travel gift ideas for your travel freak friend.

#1: Travel Stub Diary

A stub diary is an ideal solution to organize an assortment of all the necessary travel documents including travel tickets, notes and other keepsakes of a vacation. It has plastic sleeves that can preserve your tickets, itinerary and small pictures. It is extremely inexpensive and highly useful for a traveler friend.

Travel Slub Diary

The travel stub diary is a wonderful tool to organize all your travel memories including pictures, travel notes, stories memories and other such documents. It can be highly useful if your friend likes to pen down travel memories and helps him or her share the travel adventures with their loved ones.

#2: Books and Magazines

Travel is synonymous with waiting. At railway stations, platforms, buses, trains and waiting lines, every place makes you waits for hours and killing time can get exhausting for most of us. Books and magazines are a cheap yet interesting gift for your friend. The idea of getting puzzle books, joke books and comics books can also work with some friends of yours.

In case you want to gift something expensive and equivalent, you can also buy a kindle or a gift card to purchase e books if your friend has a kindle that would serve the same purpose. This would serve as a memorable gift for your friend and would help them enjoy their free time especially if he is an avid reader.

#3: Power Bank

The use of a power bank is evident through its name. It is a collection of power than can be used at your ease. It helps charge your phone wirelessly in an emergency situation simply by connecting your phone to the power bank. The power bank can be to fully charge your phone several times and as soon as you find a power point, you can recharge it to use again.

Power Bank - Travel Gift Ideas

This is a useful gift for almost all travelers since most smart phones consume a lot of power and you have to run to a power point while travelling to keep your phone charged up. It is highly useful for travelers who get in queues at railway stations and airports to get their phone charged. While buying a power bank, do ensure it has a better capacity so that it can be used longer.

#4: Selfie Stick

A selfie stick is an extendable metal stick that attaches to a phone or a camera and lets the holder click selfies from a distance to get a wider view of the background. It is a much better option for a friend who wants to capture every memory of a trip as he/she does not need to ask strangers to click pictures or take awkward selfies by holding the phone yourself.

A selfie stick is an expensive yet useful gift that your friend would thank you for. It is small enough to fit in a backpack and won’t take much space and would be of great use to a solo traveler. This is an especially useful gift if your friend is a woman who loves to keep clicking pictures of her!

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#5: Adventure Medical Kit

An adventure medical kit contains all essentials that are required during a journey. They are useful to treat the most common injuries including penetration wounds, splinting fracture or profuse bleeding.  A medical kit includes bandages, dressing gauze, trauma pads, medicines, emergency blankets, matches, scalpel, syringes, wound closure strips, antibiotic ointments and many other essentials.

Adventure Medical Kits - Gift Ideas for Travellers

This is a perfect kit for the adventure travelers heading out for weekend getaways. An ideal medical kit is super light and an amazing stuffer with all essential first aid especially if your friend is heading to a place where getting medical aid isn’t easy like a trek, hiking, climbing kayaking or a hunting trip.

#6: Packing Cube

Packing cubes are a highly innovative storage solution for frequent travelers who want to keep their stuff organized. They are small and lightweight bags of compact size that allow you to stuff much more luggage in a confined space make packing all your stuff into a suitcase much less stressful. They are much more organized as they have various meshes for different items including toiletries, documents, electronics and other stuff.

Packing Cubes - Travel Gift Ideas

The baggage limitations that airlines impose on their customers these days make it difficult to carry much luggage with us and packing cube is a creative method to pack your stuff. Packing cubes are useful for frequent travelers and help in easy packing and unpacking.

Thus by gifting one of the above items to your travel friend, you will ensure that your friend has a convenient and comfortable journey and they will have a memorable vacation. This will also ensure that he or she remembers you during the trip and even gets a present for you from their trip. You can always get something useful for your friend even with a strict budget and help him in making great memories.

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