5 Beautiful Tree House Resorts in Kerala For Stunning Natural Views!

You can experience staying in a hotel, guest house, or hut anywhere in India but you cannot have the experience of living in Tree House resorts anywhere else. Though Kerala offers you a wide variety of accommodation the amazing and green Tree Houses are a special one to live in. These Keralian Tree Houses are equipped with all modern-day amenities like WiFi, LED, double bed, Coffee/Tea maker, and much more. Tree Houses offering the balcony view are preferred more to have a view of wild-life around.

Though there are many resorts that offer a comfortable and soothing stay in Tree Houses exploring the list of these 5 amazing Tree house resorts in Kerala. It would help you in deciding the best place according to your preference.

#1: Vythiri Resort – Honeymoon Tree House Resort in Kerala

Image Source:  Vythiri Resort

Chic and elite; the Vythiri Resort is an attractive forest retreat located in Wayanad. Located below a massive shelter of a lavish tropical rain-forest, voyage into nature’s paradise along with amphibians, birdies, trawl, creatures, reptiles, blossoming plants and butterflies that dwell the thick Vythiri rain forest. Wayanad tree house are one of top attractions of Wayanad.


  • A comfortable stay assured in Tree Houses
  • Pool Vila
  • Honeymoon Vila
  • Honeymoon Pool Vila
  • Vythiri Haven

Activities to do

  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Cycling
  • Trekking
  • Cooking Demo

Resort Facilities

  • Spa
  • Coffee Shop
  • Health Centre
  • Ayurvedic Centre
  • Kids Park
  • Game Zone
  • Swimming Pool etc.

#2: Rainforest Tree House in Kerala


This unique wooden tree house is exceptional in Kerala because it proposes all what you want for a perfect stay while being on a holidays with family or friends right out there in the wild. It is established in 7 acres of effectively virgin rain-forest, to take the best care and to safeguard that we treat our guests along with the environment with love.


  • Luxury rooms
  • Premium rooms
  • Celestial rooms
  • Tree House and Cottage

Activities to do

  • Experience the tribes,
  • Nature
  • Waterfalls around the resort.

Resort Facilities

  • Swimming Pool
  • Green Lawns

#3: Vanya – Forest Tree House in Kerala

Image Source: Vanya Tree House

Silently nuzzled in the forest this thekkady tree house offers you a flawless seepage from the disarray of society. Tree Houses here are built on a single tree on the face of the hill. The chirping of Birds, occasional movements of wild animals, which you can watch from Tree House balcony; all take you to a different experience with nature. Thekkady is the highest visited place for staying in tree house in kerala.


  • Tree Houses that sway softly as the wind blows making you fell as if you are in a cradle.

Activities to do

  • Walk in the forest and trekking to Forests, Hills and Valleys.

Resort Facilities

  • Coffee Shop
  • Room Service

#4: Nature Zone Jungle Park Resort – Best Tree House Resort in Munnar

This tree house resort in kerala is a picture-perfect vacationer spot for travelers looking for a pacific outing tour in a soothing atmosphere, free from the interference of day-to-day life. Located at the top of Munnar among-st timeless mountains, this place has a breath-taking beautiful view of the wild life.


  • African Safari Luxury Tents
  • Wood/ Bamboo Houses

Activities to do:

  • Rock Climbing
  • Nature Walking
  • Birding (Bird Watching)
  • Jeep Safari
  • Trekking
  • Mountain Biking
  • Camping etc.

Resort Facilities:

  • Eco-friendly toiletries
  • Camp Fire
  • Modern bathrooms and spacious balconies
  • Coir flooring etc.

#5: Dream Catcher Resort – Popular Tree House Resort in Munnar

Image Source: Dream Catcher Resort

Dream Catcher tree house resort in kerala offers spacious wooden tree houses and wonderful panoramic sights outside them, this place is a worth to stay when you plan for a peaceful and comfortable holiday. A nearby national park or wildlife sanctuary makes this resort worth available for trekking and safari as well. Be it the sumptuous green rain forests; or a crystal-clear mountain stream; you will enjoy everything. This is surely one of the best tree house in Kerala.


  • Tree Houses at an altitude of 20 to 60 ft. from the ground.

Activities to do:

  • Spice Plantation visit
  • In-House Trekking
  • Bird and Butter fly watching
  • Adventure and Sightseeing tours
  • Jungle Safari
  • Fishing etc.

Resort Facilities:

  • Wi-Fi, Multi-cuisine Restaurant
  • Bon Fire
  • Spa
  • Intercom
  • TV
  • Balconies with much more.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan a holiday to Kerala and book now your stay in the above Tree House Resorts for an immortal holiday experience.

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