6 Genius Ways to Ease Your Travelling Expenses Dramatically

6 Genius Ways to Ease Your Travelling Expenses Dramatically

A lot of people plan lengthy Kerala trips during the winter breaks with family. Although such a trip would be extremely memorable yet it can get heavy on your pocket if you do not plan well. There are several ways to cut down on travelling expenses when planning a Kerala trip with family and friends. Here is one main point to keep in mind is to list down the major places you want to explore. Kerala can be segregated into North Kerala, South Kerala and Central Kerala each with its own major spots.

Following are the best ways to save cost on Kerala travel:

#1: Sign Up For Travel Newsletters:

Signing up for travel newsletter that provides you with various mailing lists from airlines, travel companies and rentals. They also update you on last minute deals with flight tickets, hotel bookings and all the last minute sales. Airline travel sites also provide best travel deals that are useful if you are booking well in advance. Signing up newsletters with various travel companies benefits in more ways than one and lets you plan a non expensive trip that too in advance!

#2: Book a Tour Package:

If you are on a trip and want to indulge in multiple activities or are with a large group of people then booking a package is a good idea. The package includes your various activity expenses like dining apart from the basic car rental, hotel and flights, taxi services and is available with a lot of online travel portals. Booking an all inclusive resort in Munnar for 2 days may look expensive but a term all-inclusive saves you from a lot of extra costs while indulging in various sightseeing and other activities.

#3: Travel like a Student:

A backpacking trip is not just cost-friendly but also extremely enjoyable. It includes hopping on local conveyance like the KSRTC buses, travelling light, finding the cheapest hotels, restaurants, conveyance and shopping spots. It helps you save a lot of money and you can explore much more by street hunting spots. Booking a taxi for your entire trip or hiring a travel guide may make you skip important spots and may cost much more therefore travel like a student and save on both time and money on your next Kerala trip.

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#4: Pay with Credit Card:

credit cards

A travel credit card comes with a lot of freebies that can save you a lot while on a trip. The reward and bonus points accumulated on your credit card can be of great use when you need to book a travel ticket or for booking a dinner with a hotel chain that has an exclusive tie up with your credit card company. If you sign up for a new credit card you also get various sign in bonuses. A travel related credit card is a good idea if you want to earn travel earning points on all your purchases.

#5: Negotiate On Your Shopping:

Although most people find it tacky and down market to negotiate and bargain but it is actually not that bad idea. A lot can be saved while shopping on a trip, whether it be shoes, bags, clothes or any other goodies you want to buy on your holiday. This especially works in street markets, local shops and smaller restaurants and motels. While travelling to Kerala, you would like to pick up some local specials line spices and coffee and bargaining is especially beneficial if you are planning to take back something for your relatives and friends.

#6: Find Some Freebies:

Some Freebies online

This is the age of social media and there is a lot you can get by networking online. There are so many promotional offers and coupon codes running on travel websites, airlines, car rentals and hotel bookings that can help you save mighty large on any trip that you go to. You can also sign up for various discount websites like Groupon where you would get regular updates of various travel discounts and their expiry dates. Goibibo also offers accommodation discounts on the local hotels in Kerala that you can use.

Kerala is a wonderful spot to holiday with a group and if you get to travel without spending much than the fun of the trip would be higher. So go for a value for money trip to God’s own country and create a memorable time with your loved ones.

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