10 Beautiful Rivers in Kerala – Place of Origin, Length & Many More to Know About

Kerala reserving lots of water resources like Breathtaking waterfalls, Stunning beaches, Rivers, and beautiful dams. These are the things that help Kerala to attract tourists from all over the world. Here, we will take a look at one of that water resources – Rivers in Kerala. First, Let’s check the list of some primary rivers in Kerala.

West  Flowing
Name of RiverLength of River (km)No. of Sub basinsNo. of  Micro WatershedsArea in km2
Pallikkal Thode421422326.64

East Flowing
Name of RiverLength of River (km)No. of Sub basinsNo. of  Micro WatershedsArea in km2
Pambar 312449381.576
Kabani240 422901934.5
Bhavani 1353697603.266

These Rivers of Kerala are helpful for Kerala people in many ways like boating, tourism purpose, and building dams. Here we are showing However, here we will discuss a brief detail of some of the Rivers in Kerala.

The land of Kerala is blessed with plenty of Rivers streams that originate from the Sahyadri Hills (Western Ghats) to make it fertile and gloom to green. There are 44 rivers in total that ornaments this land and later merge to sink into the mighty Arabian Sea or to produce the famed backwaters. These rivers not only nourish the land but also serve as an important mode of trade and commerce, tourism and religious soul of the state.

10 Rivers in Kerala: Get One Step Closure to Nature

Let us have a look at some beautiful rivers of Kerala. Get the idea about the place of origin of this rivers, length, best time to visit and places to visit near the river of Kerala.

1. Periyar River – Longest River of Kerala

Image Source: Flickr

This river from Sahyadri travels for 244 km to finally meet its mate, nourishing acres of land on its way. It makes the longest river in the Kerala state and one of the best places to visit in Thekkady. On its course, it sees Periyar National Park in the form of Periyar Lake. The river on its way also joins numerous tributaries and also holds many reservoirs. Mullaperiyar Dam and Idukki reservoir are the most famous Kerala Dams on this river.

  • Length of River: 244 Km

2. Bharathapuzha River – Second Longest River in Kerala

Image Source: Wikimedia

Making its origin in the Anaimalai Hills, Bharathapuzha or the Nila River is the lifeline of the villages through which it flows on its course. The river holds 11 reservoirs along its 209 km long way, one of which is the famous Malampuzha dam. The river also holds religious importance as it houses many important temples of Kerala on its banks and also serves as a seat for many religious rituals.

  • Best Time to Visit: The river is in its full charm during the Indian monsoon months (July- September) and shallows down during the summer months (march- June).
  • Length of River: 209 Km

3. Pamba River – Third Longest River in Kerala


This sacred river sees its origin from Pulachimala Hill in Peermedu plateau. Also famed as Dakshina Ganga, Dakshina Bhagirathi, and River Baris, this river holds a sacred place in the hearts of the thousands of Hindu devotees of the country. One of the famous waterfalls in Kerala, Perunthenaruvi waterfall is located on the pamba river bank

The river flows for 176 km and has been marked as the third longest river of the state. It holds many important religious sites in its course. One of the most important temples of Kerala to mention on its bank is the infamous Sabarimala Temple

  • Length of River: 176 Km

4. Chaliyar River – Fourth-Longest River in Kerala

Image Source: Wikimedia

Also famed by the name Beypore, Chaliyar flows for 169 km to prove itself to be the 4th longest river of the state. Apart from being the water lifeline to the people, the river also serves as an important way of transport between the towns.

  • Best Time to Visit: The river is in its full charm throughout the year and doesn’t get dried up, so there is no restricted time to visit this water stream.
  • Length of River: 169 Km

5. Kabini River One of the beautiful Rivers in Kerala

Image Source: Wikimedia

Kabini river flows for 240 km to meet the Bay of Bengal at the end. The river is important from the aspect of tourism as it makes many natural settings of tourist importance along its way. An incredible formation of the river is the Kuruva Island, which sprawls across 520 acres and is famed for its biodiversity. Another yet important setting over this river is Kabini Reservoir.

The river also forms backwaters which attract tourists all year round. Although the river dries up during summer, still it retains its charm by providing gazing and hunting ground to the wildlife.

  • Length of River: 240 Km

6. Chalakudy River – Fifth Longest River in Kerala

Image Source: Wikimedia

This tributary of the Periyar river flows for 145.5 km flaunting its glory and charm throughout its journey. Nurturing the land, marine life and wildlife along its course makes it the most loved and unique river of the state. The river holds the pride of nourishing some 300 species of flowering plants, 100 varieties of freshwater fish, acres of riparian forest, 2 Hydro-electrical Projects, 2 falls and Dams as it meets the mighty ocean.

  • Length of River: 145.5 Km
  • Places to Visit Near Chalakudy River: Parambikulam Dam, Athirappilly Falls, and Vazhachal Falls makes the must-visit a place of this river.

7. Neyyar RiverOne of the Shortest Rivers in Kerala

Image Source: Wikimedia

Flowing for 56km, Neyyar makes a relatively short river of the state. The river flows through different towns and makes some incredible settings on its way. An important setting over this river is the Neyyar Dam which serves as a beautiful tourist spot of the state. Also to visit nearby are the Lion Safari park, crocodile breeding center, Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary, and Agasthya peak. One can float through the water of this river in the Neyyar dam. Another very unique setting of this river is at Poovar. This place makes one of the most revered beaches in the Kerala state.

  • Best Time to Visit: September to May makes the most optimum months to visit this river.
  • Length of River: 56 Km

8. Meenachil River – Beautiful River in Kottayam

Famed by the names Gauna Nadi, Kavanaugh and Valanjar, Meenachil river is one of the sacred rivers of the state. This river flows for 78km to finally meet Vembanad Lake at Kumarakom. The river derived its name from the sacred goddess of the region Devi Meenakshi. Also, the river holds many mythological stories behind its existence and so is of much religious importance in the region.

  • Temples to Visit Near Meenachil River: The river also holds many important and sacred temples on its banks as Bharananganam, Lalam, Puliyannoor, Kadappattoor, Kidangoor, Amayannoor, Ettumanoor, and Kumaranalloor

9. Valapattanam River – Largest River in Kannur

Image Source: Wikipedia

Flowing for 110 km, Valapattanam River makes one of the most important rivers of the Kannur district of the state. The river has been important in terms of commerce and religion for ages. There are many important Hindu temples located on the banks of this river, most famous among which is Parassinikkadavu Temple.

This mighty river also offers boating facilities to take its devotees to different places along its bank. Near the confluence with Irikkur and Sreekantapuram Rivers, the Valapattanam River forms many deltas namely, Therlayi, Korlayi, Kolthuruthi, Pamburuthi, Bhagat Singh Island, A.K.G Island, and Puramad. These islands are of residential, tourism and economic importance to the state.

10. Kallada River – One of the Major Rivers of Kannur

Image Source: Wikimedia

Kallada River is formed by the merging of 5 smaller water streams originating from the Western Ghats. This 121 km long river is famed for holding a Hanging Bridge across it, which makes this river the most attractive tourist places in Kollam. The flowing river also creates many natural settings and picnic spots in numerous places. Palaruvi waterfall, Thenmala dam, and cascade at Minmutti are its most revered settings. The river is also famed for hosting the famous Kallada Boat Race (The Kallada Jalotsavam). The river also holds archeological importance, as it is believed that Paleolithic people dwelled near this river in the Thenmala region, around 10,000 years ago.

  • Best Time to Visit: Although Kerala retains its charm throughout the year, considering the flow and the water level of rivers, September- March makes the most pleasant time.


This was although too less to describe the undisputed waterways of Kerala, I am sure you might be convinced enough that this miraculous water steams of South are waiting for you to embark your mind and soul in that incredible feeling of serenity.

FAQs About Rivers In Kerala

How many rivers are there in Kerala?

In total there are 44 rivers in Kerala. And out of these, 41 rivers are westwards and 3 are eastwards.

Which district have more rivers in Kerala?

Kasaragod district in Kerala has greatest number of rivers in the entire state of Kerala. The district possess 12 active rivers.

Which is the biggest river in Kerala?

The Periyar River, also known as Choorni is believed to be the longest river in Kerala. It is approximately 244 km long.

What is the length of Kabini river in Kerala?

The length of Kabini River is 240 km long.

Which rivers flow eastwards in Kerala?

In Kerala there are 3 east flowing rivers – like as Kabani, Bhavani, Pambar.

Which river is known as Kerala Nile?

Bharathappuzha river is known as Nila or Nile of the Kerala, also consider as one of the second-largest river in Kerela.

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