Kerala Monsoon Tourism Guide – Best Tour Packages, Things to Do & Places to Visit in Kerala

Just imagine the view and scenery of the Munnar hill station just after the rain in Monsoon season. Loved it? Yes, monsoon season in Kerala is absolutely amazing for tourists. Each year many tourists visits Kerala just after the summer season to enjoy the glimpse of amazing rainy season on Kerala. last year Kerala faced the worst flood situation in the history of state. This year Kerala is all set to welcome the tourists to enjoy the vacation in Monsoon season.

After a hot and humid summer from Feb to May end, Monsoon in Kerala start from 01 Jun onwards and local Kerala people in fact welcome the monsoon to their life.  You can see many shops selling rain protection items like umbrella, rain coat etc.  The life never stop and there are rain dance arranged by some communities in the local villages. It has been predicted by the metrological department that 2019 Monsoon will start from 01st week of June as usually happens.

Tourists often faces several doubts and have important questions running in their minds while booking Kerala tour packages in monsoon season. Here, we have tried to answer all the questions of tourists who planning to visit Kerala this season.

Why Monsoon is the best time to visit Kerala?

We all know that Northern India facing stiff heat waves from Apr to July.  During this summer time, most of the cool hill stations are full or the rates of the hotels are usually on a higher side.  Since Kerala faces monsoon from 1st June, the hotels and resorts are cheaper compare to all other costly hill stations.  Therefore, this is the best to time to escape to Kerala to enjoy the rain and the climate.

Many years ago most of the resorts and traditional treatment centers were following ayurvedic treatment during monsoon since the climate is cool.  The medicine will support more than 100% of its output compare to other

Any effects of Kerala Floods or Heavy Rain?

You may face some time continue raining for 2 or 3hrs.  Evening, mid day or overnight – it depend on the intensity.  Till now, sightseeing was not a problem due to raining.  But in case there is flood, your sightseeing can be affected.  The flood during 2018 in Kerala happened after 100 yrs.

Is travelling in Houseboat is safe during monsoon or when it is raining?

Houseboat cruise and sightseeing never stopped due to heavy rain. But always, if there is cyclone or heavy wind may affect houseboat operations. Don’t worry your tour operator or tour agency will inform you in prior if there is any warning of heavy wind or cyclone which can affect the houseboat tour.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

After the Kerala floods many tourists are confused about what if they book package and the flood happens again or what happened to the last year tourists who booked tour packages in prior and later this tragedy happens?

Well  as far as Srees Tours concerned we can say that Srees Tours till now kept the cancellation and refund policy very clear.  We used to refund the advance or trip amount in case there is cancellation of booking due to monsoon.  During the year 2018, when the floods ravaged Kerala, we have refunded full payment to our guests.  If there is a sightseeing problems, we used to accommodate when there is no raining or changed to next day. If the houseboat operations are stopped,  we will refund full amount to the guest without asking any questions.

Best places to visit in Kerala during Monsoon

1.  Athirapally Waterfalls – Best Waterfall to Visit in Monsoon

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This is located 55kms away from Kochi airport and we do not have any hesitation in saying that this is the No 1 place to be visited during Monsoon.  The water fall will be in full wing making a memorable experience for the tourists. Waterfalls in Kerala are extremely gorgeous and one shouldn’t miss the experience in Monsoon.

2Hill Stations of Kerala – Top Tourist Destination during Monsoon Season

We have Wayanad, Munnar, Nelliyampathy, Vagamon – these are very idle hill stations to visit during monsoon.  There are many small water falls in these places which are full and it will be thrilling experience. Even there are few waterfalls where you can take a bath.

3. Kerala Backwater and HouseboatAmazing Kerala Backwaters

Quilon, Aleppey, Kumarakom, Vaikom, Calicut, Neeleswaram – all these backwater places will give a thrilling experience.  You can just watch raining from top floor of your houseboat or standing on the verandah of your resort.

Places to Avoid During Monsoon in Kerala

Kerala Beaches

Kerala have 5 best beaches – Kovalam, Verkala, Mararikulam, Aleppey and Cherai.  We do not have any hesitation in saying that beaches are not idle during monsoon.  Swimming is totally prohibited by the authorities in written and spirit.


In case its heavily raining, wind or chances of cyclone, the boat service from mainland to Vevekananda rock is stopped.  Therefore, this place should be avoided during monsoon.

Best Things to Do during Monsoon in Kerala

  • Ayurvedic Massage

    This is one of the best thing you should not miss. An hour oil massage with steam bath is good for energise yourself.

  • Yoga and meditation

Important Things to Keep in Mind During Kerala Trip in Monsoon

  • Do not try to enter or take a bath in the river. Though it seems to be very beautiful, the under current is dangerous.
  • The rocks down below the water falls is 100% slippery – try to avoid taking a bath in water fall.
  • Try to bring an umbrella with you or if you are booking your trip through a travel agent, they used to provide umbrella free of cost.
  • You may need a warm over coat or woolen clothing in all the hill stations.
  • Taxi used during trip – ensure that the car is having good tyre during your trip.
  • Hiking in Munnar –  if the hiking path is wet due to previous day raining, it is better avoided or to have good sport shoes.
  • Due to wet mud, there are leeches in hiking track, grass etc. Keep an eye on your legs.  Always recommend to have a small salt packet with you.  In case it already start sucking your blood, do not remove, instead put some salt on it.

Best Kerala Monsoon Tour packages

Since most of the hotels irrespective of the Luxury hotels or Budget hotels, offering more than 50% discount during monsoon, Srees Tours have worked out very attractive Kerala monsoon tour packages in Luxury Hotel segment – generally called as 5 Star Hotels.  Kerala have many luxury hotels located in different part of tourism destinations.  Apart from the Well known groups like Taj, Club Mahindra, Casino Group and Leela Ravis, there are other famous luxury hotels available in each destination of Kerala.

Best Luxury Tour Packages to Kerala during Monsoon – 2019.

Below are the best luxury packages available.  All these places have luxury hotels included.  All the details like hotel name, room category, plan etc have been given in detail.

Number of Days Places Covered Details
4 Munnar – Kumarakom Book Now
5 Kochi – Munnar – Kumarakom Book Now
6 Kochi- Munnar – Thekkedy – Aleppey Book Now
7 Munnar – Kumarakom – Houseboat – Kovalam Book Now
7 Taj Group of Hotels Package Book Now
  Casino Group of Hotels Package Book Now

Best Budget or Premium Tour Packages to Kerala during Monsoon – 2019

When we say about budget or premium segment, we mean that the hotel category is of three or four star hotel or resorts.  We have also given unclassified, but better resort in each of the segment.

Number of Days Places Covered Details
4 Munnar – Aleppey – Athirapally Book Now
5 Athirapally – Munnar – Kumarakom Book Now
6 Athirapally – Munnar – Thekkedy – Aleppey Book Now
7 Munnar – Kumarakom – Houseboat – Kovalam Book Now


Visiting Kerala in monsoon is the life time experience so get this experience once in a life by booking the best suitable Kerala Monsoon Tour Package.

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