18 Best Hill Stations in Kerala – Know Immense Beauty of Kerala

Kerala is an idyllic state to visit and one of the most wanted tourist destinations in India. Kerala is well known as “God’s Own Country”. The quiet and pleasing beaches, beautiful backwaters, sensational hill stations, comprehensive waterfalls, flourishing green forests, interesting wildlife and the attractive art and cultures of Kerala, give idiosyncratic charm to the tourists. Beauty of Kerala Hill Stations is really breath-taking. The pristine milieu of hill stations offers an opportunity to the tourists to enjoy their holidays in the clean and natural air of hills.


Some of the famous hill stations in Kerala are Munnar, Mattupetty, Nelliyampathy, Ponmudi, Thekkady, Palakkad, Kannur, Wayanad, Idduki, Kasargod and Kozhikode. The pictorial beauty of these Kerala hill-stations cannot be explained in words; it can be felt only. Kerala has host of worth visiting hill stations. The delightful lush green surroundings of these hill stations encircled by the acres of tea, coffee and the spice cultivations.

Famous hill Stations of Kerala:

God’s own country, Kerala, offers a treasure of scenic beauty and ample chances to experience the beauty of nature. These include the alluring hill stations in Kerala. The calm weather and refreshing air take one closer to the replenishing weather.

1. Munnar: Famous Hill Station in Kerala

Munnar: Famous Hill Station in Kerala

Munnar is popular and most visited hill station in Kerala, situated at the 55 km from Idukki town and at the convergence of three mountain streams i.e. Mudrapuzha, Nallathanni and Mundane. Extensive tea plantations, incredible towns, cozy hotels and amazing holiday facilities make it a popular hill station of Kerala.

2. Vagamon Hill

 Vagamon Hill Station

Majestic hills surround this hill station. This hill also provides the beauty of meadows and forests to visitors. Also known as, ‘Scotland of Asia’, Vagamon offers scenic views of a sparkling river, waterfalls and lush green plains. The place also offers several adventure sports and activities to the visitors. The best time to visit here is from March to May. 

3. Wayanad: Beautiful Hill Station in Kerala

Wayanad: Beautiful Hill Station in Kerala

Wayanad is blessed with the mist clad mountains, situated at the height of 700-1200 m. In the list of top hill stations of Kerala, Wayanad is a most haunted tourist destination. Here tourists can enjoy the exotic variety of plants and animals.High cultivation of tea, coffee, rubber, pepper and many other spices make it a best place for the economic point of view.

4. Thekkady: Beautiful Hill Station of Kerala

Thekkady: Beautiful Hill Station

Thekkady places offers the view of majestic mountains and a chance to explore the alluring tea, coffee and spice plantation. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, this place is no less than heaven for you. A stretch around the hill station offers closer access to wildlife than ever. It also has a string of adventure activities like jeep and elephant safari, bamboo rafting, and board hiking for adventure junkies. The best time to visit Thekkady is from September to May. 

5. Idukki: Gorgeous Hill Station of Kerala 

Idukki: Gorgeous Hill Station of Kerala 

Idukki is one of the most scenery rich areas of Kerala offer attractive wildlife sanctuaries, spice plantation tours, mountain treks and many more.

6. Nellyampathy: One of the Unexplored Kerala  Hill  Station

Neliyampathy Hills

This enthralling hill station is found on the height of 42 to 1572 m. The breath-taking green forests offer a panoramic view to the tourists.

7. Ponmudi: Enchanting Hill Station in KeralaPonmudi Hill Station in Kerala

There is a hill station near Trivandrum called Ponmudi that features narrow winding pathways and picturesque scenery for those who drive there. Trekking trails in Ponmudi lead to a variety of natural wonders hidden from the casual eye.

8. Mattupetty: Picturesque Hill Station in Kerala

Mattupetty: Picturesque Hill station in Kerala

Mattupetty is an ideal spot for the picnic, located at the height of 1700 m. Mattupetty is famous for its dairy farming which is an Indo-swiss project. Presence of farm allures number of tourists to visit here.

9. Silent Valley:

Silent Valley

A perfect blend of ecological and ethnic diversity, Silent Valley is an uncommercialised destination to visit. The place offers a raw and natural charm here. You can experience the lush green plains, and the beautiful Western Ghats give the best of nature to the visitors. The hill station in Kerala is also a place with endangered flora and fauna. If you are lucky, you can see many endangered and unheard species there. The best time to visit Silent Valley is from December to April. 

10. Peermade:


A cute small hill station, Peermade is surrounded by different forms of scenic beauty. From milky-white waterfalls, refreshing streams and an abundance of flora and fauna. One of the best hill stations in Kerala, Peermade also offers views of coffee, tea, spice and rubber plantation. In a wholesome experience, it also offers activities like trekking, hiking and cycling for adventure enthusiasts. 

11. Malampuzha:


A perfect destination for a full-family vacation, Malampuzha is said to offer a whole family package experience. It offers a visit to the rock garden, fish-shaped aquarium, and even amusement parks for a wholesome experience. Situated at just 16 km from the Palakkad district, the hill station in Kerala, is home to amazing flora and fauna, with also enjoyable activities like boat rides and trekking. The best time to visit is from August to April. 

12. Thiruvambadi:

Located on the bank of river Iruvanjippuzha, Thirumvambadi offers a scenic experience to visitors. The perfect place for a romantic trip, the hill station is home to the apex of nature’s beauty. It is one of the best hill stations in Kerala for a honeymoon. The scenic place offers visits to waterfalls, lush green mountains and refreshing surroundings. The Varkala beach near the hill station is famous for its black sand. Thiruvambadi is a must-visit in your itinerary for your trip to Kerala. 

13. Vithura:

The ideal destination for peace seekers, Vithura is a lesser-known hill station in Kerala. Due to its less popularity, the place offers a serene and calm environment to the visitors. A photographer’s paradise, the palace offers numerous activities like birdwatching, trekking, camping, rock climbing, and a walk around rubber and spice plantations. The best time to visit this place is from October to March. 

14. Ranipuram: Lesser known Hill Station in Kerala

Ranipuram: Lesser known hill Station in Kerala

This is a lesser-known hill station in the Kasargod district of Kerala. It is a paradise for peace lovers. The greenery of this, monsoon rainforest is home to several species of flora and fauna. Ranipuram is situated at an elevation of 2460 feet and offers an alluring trekking trail for adventure junkies. You can visit Tala Kaveri Temple, Bekal Fort, and Ranipuram Wildlife Sanctuary, near the hill station. The best time to visit Ranipuram is from October to March. 

15. Kalpetta: Amazing Hill Station in Kerala

A must-visit place for coffee lovers, the place offers an aromatic refreshment of coffee throughout your stay. Kalpetta hill station in the Wayanad district of Kerala is situated amidst the coffee plantation. With the aroma of the coffee, the place offers eye-pleasing scenic beauty. It is located at an elevation of 2560 feet and is blessed with rich vegetation. The best time to visit Kalpetta is from October to March. 

16. Vythiri:

The hill station is located in the Wayanad district, away from the chaos of the city. It offers a scenic experience of waterfalls, lush green mountains, refreshing riverside and spices plantation. The hill station is located 1300 meters above sea level and is a centre for the culture and tradition of tribes in the area. The best time to visit Vythiri hill station is from October to March. 

17. Athirapally: Beauty of Hill Station

Athirapally: Beauty of Hill Station

A famous spot for movie shoots, Athirapally is a paradise for scenic beauty mongers, photographers and nature lovers. The eye-pleasing sights of waterfalls, wildlife and lush green ranges make it the compulsory hill station in Kerala to visit in your itinerary. Besides scenic beauty, the hill station also offers fun activities like theme parks, trekking, hiking to the waterfall and witnessing more than 150 species of butterflies at Thumboormuzhi Dam.

18. Ramakkalmedu: Hill station in Kerala

Ramakkalmedu: Hill station in Kerala

One of the must-visit hill stations in Kerala, Ramakkalmedu hill station is situated in the Idukki district of Kerala. The hill station offers a mesmerizing view of lush green hills and majestic mountains. The windiest place in the country, Ramakkalmedu is home to peace-giving and eye-pleasing views. This rock-structured hill station grabs the attention of the visitors. 

Other Incredible Beauty of Kerala :

World’s highest organic tea garden

 Organic tea garden

There are so many tea gardens in Kerala. Undoubtedly, the main revenue will be generated from the tea. Lots of workers works in tea garden. The major portion of Kerala hill stations are covered by the tea plantations. The beautiful landscape view of tea gardens is really awesome.

Home of Ayurveda

Kerala Home of Ayurveda

Kerala has many ashrams that are involved in providing Ayurveda treatment by the traditional Ayurveda method. The organic plants and herbs that are required for the treatment are come from the Kerala hill station forests.

God’s own country

Kerala beautiful view

Kerala is considered as a heaven on earth. What else can say about Kerala? It is a wonderful creation of God where the cloud kisses to the mountain. This mesmerizing moment will definitely give an adorable feel to the tourists.

Photographer’s Place

Kerala Favorite Honeymoon Destination for Couples

Beautiful landscape view of Kerala hill stations is really picturesque. The beautiful sunset & sunrise view is a worth capturing moment for the photographers. Tourists will get many sightseeing spots in Kerala.

Kerala is also a most demanding place for the Film Industry. Most of the shooting of Bollywood movies and South Indian movies are done in Kerala Hill Stations.  So in nutshell, the importance of Kerala in every field cannot be denied. Kerala is one of the most visited destinations of the world.

Kerala is really one of the most attractive places for worldwide tourists. Apart from Kerala hill stations, one can also enjoy the culture, lifestyle, food, and festivals of Kerala.

Image Credit:  wikimedia http://www.flickr.com/people/jigneshgohel 

FAQs about Kerala Hill Station

  1. Which is the coldest place in Kerala?
    Munnar, a town and popular tourist place, is the coldest place in Kerala. It is situated at an elevation of 1500 feet above sea level. The average temperature of Munnar in winters ranges from 5-15 degrees celsius which can occasionally drop below zero as well.
  2. Most famous places except hill stations in Kerala?
    Besides hill stations in Kerala, other must-visit places include; Kovalam, Kumarakom, Trivandrum, Athirapally falls, and Edakkal caves in Wayanad.
  3. Which is better, Vagamon or Wayanad?
    If you are considering a single destination and are on a short trip, Wayanad is a better option. You can easily stay there and cover the nearby places to visit in three days. You can even visit Vagamon from Wayanad.
  4. Which is the best time to visit Munnar?
    You can experience the best of Munnar in the winter season. December to February are the best time to visit and experience the scenic beauty of Munnar.
  5. Are resorts near Munnar hill station available?
    Munnar reserves a must-visit in every itinerary to Kerala. There are many resorts available near Munnar hill station. You can easily select the one that fits your budget and enjoy your comfortable stay in the cool weather.

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