2 Nights 3 Days Alleppey to Athirapally Tour Covers Alleppey Houseboat, Fort Kochi & Athirapally Sightseeing

Thumboormuzhy Dam, Ayyampuzha, Kerala

Pick up / Check in :

Kochi Airport/ Alleppey Railway Station or Bus stand

Drop at / Check out :

Kochi Airport/ Chalakudi Railway Station or Bus stand/ Aluva Railway Station

Overview of 2 Nights 3 Days Alleppey to Athirapally Tour Package:

These 3 days weekend tours cover the best experiences of Kerala –  a stay in famous Alleppey houseboat, Fort Kochi sightseeing, and stay and sightseeing in Athirappilly. This is one of the best monsoon tour packages in South Kerala. Other details regarding Alleppey to Athirapally tour package like destination, tour itinerary, costing, etc are given below.

Alleppey Houseboat:

Alleppey is one of the popular tourist destinations of Kerala. It is famous for its Houseboat and backwaters. To stay in the Alleppey houseboat and have a trip in backwaters will be the memorable experience of your life. Get more details about Alleppey backwaters.

Fort Kochi:

If you are looking for one day or half-day sightseeing in Kochi then Fort Kochi would be the ideal place for it. This place is famous for its historical monuments and heritage buildings. Apart from this, Dutch palace, Chinese fishing nets, Jewish Synagogue are major attractions of the Fort Kochi.

Athirapally – Land of Forests and Streams:

Athirapally is a favorite destination of the tourists who comes at Kerala tour. Athirapally waterfall is the major attraction of this place. Along with this biggest waterfall of Kerala, Athirapally is famous for greenery due to the Sholayar forest, Chalkudi river, and two water theme parks.

How to Reach:
1) Arrival and Departure by Flight-
  • The most suitable airport is Kochi (Cochin).
2) Arrival By Train or Bus-
  • Since the trip is starting from Alleppey, Alleppey railway station or the Bus stand is the most suitable place to reach.
3) Departure by Train/Bus-
  • Your trip is ending at Athirappilly.  The most suitable nearest railway station or bus stand is Chalakudi.  Aluva railway station is also suitable.
Arrival and Departure time:
  • Your trip starts from Alleppey Houseboat at 12 pm. You can reach anytime at Aleppey by 1130hrs.
  • In case of arrival by flight, you need to reach the airport by 9 am or earlier.
  • Your departure can be any time after 4 pm

Day 1 : Alleppey Railway Station to Houseboat

Your arrival is at Aleppey Railway station or Bus stand.  Our representative will meet, receive, and transfer to the Houseboat. Check-in Houseboat at 12:00 hours.

1  Night Alleppey Houseboat Trip:  
  • The below Houseboat backwater program has been designed for those who like to visit the best canals in and around Alleppey.  Boarding Jetty in  Alleppey Jetty.
  • Boarding Houseboat from Alleppey Jetty at 12:00 hours.

Check-in Houseboat at 12:00 hours and houseboat make a trip through the best canals in Alleppey. From 12:00 hours to 17:30 hours, the houseboat makes a trip through the below beautiful rivers and canals with an hour lunch break.

  • Punnamada Kayal – river famous for Nehru trophy boat race.
  • SNDP canal – one of the smallest canal on this trip.
  • Pamba river – almost 150ft width river.
  • Irumbanam Thod – best narrow canal.

13:30 hours Lunch at Meenappalli Kayal – a small lake in the middle of Alleppey backwaters.

14:30 hours – Post lunch trip starts till 17:30 hours. Houseboat makes a trip through some of the beautiful villages in Alleppey. These are Kainakari Village and Kuttithod and boat reach a place called Kuttamangalam.  Houseboat starts moving towards its final location for a halt. The boat halts between 17:30 hours and 18:00 hours for overnight stay.

Evening Options and Activities to do in Houseboat:
  • Fishing in the lake and backwaters. (most of the houseboats is always having a fishing road and you will surely get small fishes).
  • The houseboat is having a tv and music system to enjoy some pictures. You can also bring your own to make your stay more comfortable.
Important Points to Know About Houseboat Tour:
  1. Your houseboat trip inclusive with full board ie all the meals starting from lunch to B/F.
  2. In case you have allergic to any particular food, it should be notified well in advance.
  3. The houseboat menu is inclusive of Kerala local food.  No continental or Chinese is available.
  4. You have the option of visiting a local sightseeing place by walking or walking through villages.  The boatman will help you for the same.
  5. There are many ayurvedic massage centers are available where the houseboat is halting.  We do not recommend having these massages during your houseboat stay as these are not properly licensed.
  6. We do not recommend buying extra fish or any other items from the local market.  In case you are fond of a particular extra food, we will be ready to help you.
  7. This program is possible only if the guest check-in at 12 pm.  In case of delayed check-in, covering all the canals and rivers is not possible.
  8. Paddy fields are available from Oct to Feb only.
  9. Big boats having more than 3 rooms and the top floor will not make a trip through Akkathara and Venattukadu canals.
  10. Dinner time is at 21:00 hours and at 22:00 hours the lobby will be closed.
  11. In case of delayed check-in, check out cannot be extended after 0900hrs.
  12. Early Checkout from Houseboat ie checks out at 7 am or before needs to be notified in advance as accordingly night halting location needs to be changed.
  13. Late Check-in Houseboat.  Normally extending after 9 am the next day is not possible since the boat is having another check-in at 12 pm.  But all houseboats booked through SreesTours have special consideration.  In case of late check-in after 2 pm, we avoid lunch break of an hour, extending the trip till 6 pm and the next day till 09:45-10:00 hours in case possible.
  14. Smoking in Houseboats is prohibited.
  15. Liquor will not be provided by the service provider.  But that guest who wants to consume liquor can bring their items and can be used in the boat. For those who cannot bring their stuff, SreesTours provide the same in the boat in the case ordered in advance with extra service charges.
  16. Night Halt of Houseboat. All the houseboat owners have their own night halting-place. This cannot be changed in case the guest does not like the place.
  17. Requests like a sunset cruise, park houseboat to view the sunset, night halt in the middle of the lake or river, change location, etc will not be entertained.

Day 2: Alleppey Houseboat to Fort Kochi to Athirappilly

If the sky is clear, have a bed tea and you can enjoy a perfect sunrise from your houseboat. Since the houseboat is starting at 08:00 hours, we recommend a light walk around the place if you are interested. The morning houseboat trip starts at 08:00 hours and it makes a trip till check out at 09:00 hours. During this one hr trip, it covers part of the biggest Vembanad lake.  Before your houseboat trip ends at 9 am they will provide authentic Kerala B/F. Check out from the houseboat tour ends.

Kochi Sightseeing Tour:

Today you will be proceeding to Athirappilly. We have planned Fort Kochi sightseeing and visit Lulu Shopping mall before proceeding to Athirappilly. The expected arrival time at Athirappilly is around 19:00 hours evening. Sightseeing options available at Fort Kochi are below.

1) Fort Kochi:
  • Fort Kochi is a fishing village that becomes the first European township in India.  The town shape by Portuguese, the Dutch, and later the British.
2) Jewish Synagogue: 
  • Constructed 1568, this is the oldest synagogue in the commonwealth. It is noted for its mid-18th century, hand-painted, willow-patterned floor tiles from Canton in China, a clock tower, Hebrew inscriptions on stone slabs, old scrolls of the Old Testament, etc.
3) Dutch Palace:
  • Built by Portuguese in 1557 and presented to Raja of Kochi, the palace was renovated by the Dutch in 1663.
 4) Vasco da Gama Square: 
  • The huge cantilevered fishing nets are the legacy of one of the first visitors to the Malabar Coast. Erected here between 1350 – 1450 AD by traders from the court of  Kabul Khan.  The best place to watch the nets being lowered into the sea and the catch being brought in is the Vasco da Gama Square
5) Kodar House: 
  • Constructed by Cochin Electric company in 1808 example of indo-European architecture.
6) Chinese Fishing nets: 
  • This shows the Chinese presence in Fort Kochi dates back.

Other attractions are Bolgaty palace, Pierce Leslie Bungalow, Santa Cruz Basilica, etc are located in the same area. After Fort Kochi sightseeing, you can go straightway to Kochi airport, which is approximately 45 mins drive in normal traffic. It may take up to 1.5 hours during heavy traffic time.

Important Points to Know for Fort Kochi Sightseeing:
  • All the tourist entry points except Fort Kochi Beach will be closed down at 5 pm.
  • Jewish synagogue will be closed on Fridays. But they now start opening after 2 pm on Fridays.
  • Dutch Palace is closed on Friday and Saturdays.
  • In case your flight is at 15:00 hours or before, this sightseeing is not possible.

Shopping at Kochi and visit Lulu mall. Departure for Athirappilly by 17:00 hours. It takes approximately 1.5 hours to reach the beach.  Check-in Hotel and leisure at the resort.

Day 3: Athirapally

Athirapally Tour:

Today is your last day of the trip.  We have planned half-day sightseeing in Athirappilly from 08:30 hours onwards. Below are the Athirapally sightseeing included in the trip.

1) Athirapally Waterfalls – Niagara Falls of India:
About Athirapally falls-
  • The biggest waterfall in Kerala
  • Commonly called “Niagara of Kerala”.
  • Charpa and Vazhchal waterfalls are nearby from Athirapally falls. Get more details about Athirapally waterfall.
Athirapally waterfalls important travel tips-
  1. Open at 08:00 hours and entry close at 16:30 hours. The entry fee is Rs 40 per adult, Rs 10 for Children, and 150 for foreigners.
  2. Best time and season to visit. The best season to visit is after monsoon ie from Aug to Feb and the best time to visit is till 11 am or after 15:0o hours.
  3. You can see the waterfall from two different places. One is from the top and the other is bottom.
  4. Since the pathway to the bottom is too steep, climbing back for persons with heart disease, breathing problems and handicapped may face difficulty.
  5. Bathing in the river is possible in selected places. So keep your changing clothes with you before entering.
  6. Plastic bottles or water bottles are allowed to carry subject to a security deposit. You will lose the security deposit in case these are not taken back.
  7. Eateries are not allowed inside the forest.
  8. A wheelchair is accessible at the top of the falls.
  9. The total time to visit the top of the falls is a minimum of 1 hour and the bottom is 1.5 hours. In case you visit Athirapally falls along with Charpa and Vazachal, you may need a half day.
  10. Close to entrance, restaurants and coffee shops are available.
2) Charpa Waterfalls:
  • This fall is small but the best waterfall to visit in monsoon.
  • Located left side of the road and 3 km from Athirapally waterfall.
  • No entry ticket required.
  • You can not stand on the bridge when the fall is full-blown during monsoon.
  • There will not be any water or dry during summertime.
3) Vazachal Water Falls- Picnic spot in Kerala:
About Vazhachal falls-
  • Located on the Sholayar dam route and 5 km away from Athirapally.
  • This waterfall is laid back and gently cascading on the rocks which have less slop.
  • It has a lush green forest with scenic beauty and a good place for photography.
  • You can see milky water here.
  • Here there are park and coffee shop are available to relax and enjoy.
  • The entry ticket you purchased at Athirapally waterfall is valid here.
Travel Tips to Visit Vazhachal falls – 
  1. Located on the right side of the Athirappilly – sholayar route.
  2. The entry fee paid at Athirappilly waterfall is valid here also.
  3. During summer, there may not be any water and not worth a visit.
  4. Best time to visit from Jun to Sep.
  5. A small park is attached to this where you can sit and watch. A small cafeteria is also available.
  6. Better to carry an umbrella during monsoon time.

Check out at 12:00 hours from the hotel and start moving to Cherai beach. In case you have time, Thumboormuzhi is on the way and you can visit this hanging bridge.

4) Thumboormuzhi Dam and Garden:
About Thumboormuzhi-
  • This place is part of the Ezattumugham Prakrithi Gramam project which includes a hanging bridge,  a butterfly garden, kids play area, a watchtower to see the river, etc
  • Hanging bridge is the main attraction as when you walk on this bridge, you can see Chalakudi river flows under your feet, view from the middle of the river.
  • The butterfly park is another attraction.
  • This place is located before Athirapally waterfalls from Kochi to the Athirapally route.
  • The best place for photography and family outing.
Thumboormuzhi Travel Tips-
  • Entry fee of Rs 40 per adult and Children Rs 10.
  • Parking available inside the park.
  • Visit this before or after the Athirapally visit. Park and butterfly garden close at 16:30 hours.

Proceed to Kochi airport or Chalakudi or Aluva railway station. Drop at departure place and tour ends.

Important Travel Tips for this Package:
  • If you are coming by an early morning train or bus, You need to have a fresh up room. A non-ac fresh up for 1hr without B/F will be provided.  In case it’s being used for more than 1hr, extra charges will be applicable.
  • In case you are reaching midnight, you need to stay in any hotel accommodation at extra cost.
  • This itinerary can be customized according to your choice of hotels.
  • The above sightseeing options given are common and in case you want to add any extra sightseeing, its possible with extra cost.
  • If you want to experience a good waterfall, the best time to visit is from Jun to Sep.
  • This waterfall was closed for a week due to the overflowing of the Chalakudi river. Therefore, it’s advisable not to visit this place during floods in Kerala.
  • The above package is inclusive of an overnight stay in a private Houseboat. You can also opt for a houseboat day trip or shikkara trip instead of a houseboat overnight stay.
  • This is a private trip for the booking guest and not sharing with others.
Things to Shop during this Tour:

Since Kerala basically is a consumer state, the best options for shopping are below.

  1. Visit echo shop called “Vanasree” just in front of the entry gate of Athirapilly waterfall. You can buy some unique products from the forest especially the honey. There are many more items and this is the best shopping when you are in Athirappilly.
  2. All types of spices, Kerala traditional saree, Banana chips, handicraft items, souvenirs, and ayurvedic products are the best shopping options in Kerala. These are available at Alleppey or Kochi.
Can I reduce the package cost?

Yes, you can. Below are the few tips as to how you can reduce this package price.

  1. Travel as a group. Try to travel as a group like two couples or three couples; this will reduce the price considerably.
  2. Reduce the taxi costs. As per the above program, your approximate taxi charges will be Rs 7100 considering your arrival at Kochi airport. You can reduce the taxi charges by traveling on public buses. But due to the non-availability of proper buses, we do not recommend traveling on a public bus and recommend having a private taxi for this trip.
  3. Use similar hotels. Srees Tours choose hotels in a good location. When this is changed, the price will reduce.
  4. At present private houseboat is included. Choose a sharing houseboat to reduce the cost. Please go here to know problems in sharing a houseboat.
  5. Instead of Houseboat in Alleppey, stay in a resort, and choose a shikkara or country boat for a backwater trip.
  6. To reduce the cost, you can still join a group. But unfortunately, there are no conducted tours or group tour operates by tour operators in Kerala.
Cost for Given Package:
DestinationDeluxe OptionPremiumLuxury
Private Houseboat 1 night1 bed room private Deluxe AC1 bed room private Premium AC1 bed room private Luxury full time AC Fully glass covered Insect Free
Athirappilly 1 nightBethania Resort Or Athirappilly Clirind ResortHydel PalaceCasa Rio Resort
Cost for 2 adults / 1 room with sedan AC CarRs 17800Rs 19700Rs 29800
Cost for 4 adults / 2 rooms with AC Tavera or Maruti ertica mini suv.Rs 25600Rs 34600Rs 46500
Child Charges Between 6-10 years without bedRs 1250Rs 1250Rs 2500
Extra Adult ChargesRs 1850Rs 2300Rs 2800
Cost Validity
  • The above costs are valid from 01 Oct to 15 Dec and 15 Jan to 31 Mar.
  • Cost not valid from 16 Dec to 14 Jan – contact us for revised price-CONTACT US
  • Validity from 01 Apr till 31 Sep. This is an offseason and good discount available-CONTACT US
Tour Cost Includes:
  • A/c Accommodation on twin sharing basis with Daily Breakfast.
  • Private houseboat with lunch, dinner, and B/F included.
  • AC car for all the transfers and local sightseeing as per the given itinerary.
  • Well experienced and bilingual driver till the departure.
  • All the expenses related to the vehicle (toll, tax, parking, permits, driver batta, etc).
  • Hotel Check-in at 12 pm and check out at 10 am.
  • The driver is available from Morning 7 am to evening 6 or 7 pm.
  • All the applicable taxes.

  • Cruise time from 12:00 hours to 17:30 hours with a 1-hour lunch break.  Next day trip from 08:00 hours to 09:00 hours.
  • Welcome drink, Lunch, evening coffee/tea and snacks, Dinner, and Next day breakfast  & Mineral water included.
  • The menu is fixed and in case of any additional food will be charged extra.
  • AC working time:  Deluxe and premium: 21:00 hours to 07:00 hours.
  • Luxury: 24 hrs AC

Tour Cost does not Includes:
  • The packages do not include Air/Train tickets, Airport tax, Entry fees, Monuments, Guide fees, Camera Charges, Massages, Elephant Safaris, Personal expenses like laundry, tips and telephone calls, Optional Tours, Travel Insurance, etc.
  • Optional activities mentioned in the itinerary & anything not mentioned in the above package.
  • Taxi cost inclusive of pick up from Kochi airport and Drop at Trivandrum airport. In case of back to Kochi airport, Extra Rs 1000 will be charged.
  • In case of payment made by credit card or debit card service charge of 2.5% and 1% will be charged extra.
Important Points:
  • Strike in Kerala. Due to strikes called by political parties, safe driving of car and driver is difficult. In that case, alternative arrangements with the permission of guest will be made and expenses incurred due to the same is not included and will be charged additionally.
  • The Hotels you selected according to your budget.
  • We recommend you to check reviews and location of hotels in the Trip advisor to make sure it is as per your preference and on arrival in case you want to change the hotel, retention charges or additional charges for the new hotels needs to be paid.
  • Taxi used to revisit the same place already visited will be charged extra.
  • No portion of the tour will be refunded in case of any sightseeing place not visited due to any particular reason.

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