lakshadweep island

Day 1 : Saturday : Kochi / Mangalore / Calicut

All the visitors’ reports at Lakshadweep Passenger Scanning center at 9:00A.M. After completion of all the security formalities, step into the bus that will take you to the wharf; boarded to M.V Lakshadweep Sea. On board M.V Kalpeni, lunch and dinner will be served. The ship will depart from Kochi after 2’O clock.

Day 2 : Sunday : Kalpeni

The ship arrives at the Kalpeni Island next day in the morning. The beaches at these islands have bathing huts integrated with changing rooms. Water sporting facilities are also available at the beaches. After taking proper bath and having breakfast, you can proceed to see the island. The island carries a lot of adventurous and exciting entertainment sources. Adventurous sports like swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, glass boating, diving, etc. can be carried out with the joy of sightseeing. Lunch will be served in the beach buffet in afternoon. The ship will be boarded around 4:30 pm and then will depart to Kochi/Calicut/Mangalore. Facilities like night stating and dinner are available on the ship.

Day 3 : Monday : Kochi / Mangalore / Calicut

Next morning the ship reaches to Kochi / Mangalore / Calicut at 10:00 am. The boarding of the passengers start and they are taken to the Passenger reporting center through bus, and the tour comes to an end.

About Kalpeni Island

Kalpeni Island forms a single atoll along with two small Islands of Tilakkam and Pitti and the uninhabited island of Cheriyam in the north. Along its eastern and southeastern shorelines, there is a huge storm bank of coral debris. It’s a peculiar feature of Kalpeni. It is believed that a violent storm in 1847 threw up huge coral boulders along these shores.

The beaches here are hell beautiful, and will attract you like nothing has done before. This beach carries their own aura that just catches your eyes and binds you with its calmness and stillness. Once you be here, you will wish to visit here again and again. This place provides you the pleasure of being completely with yourself.

Cost for Given Package

Class of AccommodationTotal
Pullman Seats in AC Hall (adult)RS. 6,185
ChildRS. 5,155

Rates in Indian Rupees, Service Tax applicable at prevailing Govt. tax rate.
Call Us No: 94477 97564 / 81294 97390

We are NOT responsible for Cancellation/ Change of Ship schedule, after the confirmation of the travel, as the same is operated by Lakshadweep Authority

Package Details for 3 Days

Dep. Date / Arr. DateDep. City / Arr. CityShipIslandAdult RateChild Rate
22-Dec to 24-DecMangaloreMV.AminidiviKalpeni68035670
22-Dec to 24-DecBeyporeMV.AminidiviKalpeni68035670
25-Dec to 27-DecBeyporeMV.MinicoyKavaratti79306803
28-Dec to 30-DecMangaloreMV.AminidiviKavaratti79306803
1-Jan to 3-JanBeyporeMV.MinicoyMinicoy72166185
2-Jan to 4-JanMangaloreMV.AminidiviKadmath72166185
8-Jan to 10-JanMangaloreMV.AminidiviKadmath72166185
8-Jan to 10-JanBeyporeMV.MinicoyKavaratti72166185
11-Jan to 13-JanMangalore / KochiMV.AminidiviKalpeni61855155
11-Jan to 13-JanBeyporeMV.MinicoyMinicoy72166185
14-Jan to 16-JanBeyporeMV.MinicoyKadmath72166185
17-Jan to 19-JanBeyporeMV.MinicoyKavaratti72166185
22-Jan to 24-JanMangaloreMV.AminidiviKalpeni61855155
25-Jan to 27-JanKochi / BeyporeMV.MinicoyKalpeni61855155
28-Jan to 30-JanMangaloreMV.AminidiviKavaratti72166185

Valid from 01 Oct to 30 Sep
Call us: 94477 97564 / 81294 97390

Cancellation Policy

  • 10% cancellation charge will be deducted if the booking is cancelled 30 days before departure of the ship.
  • 25% cancellation charge will be deducted if the booking is cancelled between 29th to 7th days before departure of the ship.
  • No refund if cancelled within 7 days before the departure of the ship.

Refund Policy

100% refund if the schedule is cancelled due to unfavourable weather conditions and/or other unexpected technical faults. No damages/claims will be payable except money paid by them.


  • Consumption of liquor is prohibited in Lakshadweep.
  • Program / Schedule of ship is liable to be changed / cancelled without prior notice. Ships are operated by Lakshadweep Administration. In case of a change in the ship schedule liability of SPORTS is restricted to transporting the tourists back to Cochin by immediate available conveyance of the ship only.
  • Tourists availing LTC may collect LTC certificate room Manager on board at the time of return journey or from our Kochi office on return. Transport and tour change bifurcation is given in the tariff chart.
  • Service tax applicable as per the prevailing Govt. Tax rate.
  • All the payments are to be made by Cash / DD / Cheque at par in favour of SPORTS ? PAYABLE? at Kochi.

Child Rate

Children between the age group of 1 to 10 years is accommodated at 50% of the accommodation charges and full transport charge.

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